Carol Ann Korpi
San Francisco, California

CA Consults, LLC

Carol Ann Korpi

Founder and CEO

Carol Ann Korpi

Carol Ann Korpi spent her childhood split between NY and Florida—early part in NY and teen years in Florida. She went to college back in NY state, at Colgate University. By then, Carol Ann was a FLA kid who was ill prepared for the Hamilton, NY winters to say the least! After Colgate she moved to Boston and received her MSW from Simmons College.

Carol Ann Korpi, Founder & CEO

After a brief stint in Social Work, Korpi transitioned into the Internet business as it was evolving and proceeded to work in Sales and Sales Management at Start-ups for the next twenty years. The Start-up companies ranged from Data to SaaS to Global Payments and Virtual Reality Training. The main theme of Carol Ann’s career has been building a business from the ground up, usually as the only Salesperson to start, and growing each company into a world class business and building successful Sales’ Teams. Carol Ann Korpi had been privileged to work with some of the greatest people and true experts in their field in San Francisco, CA. She had taken that experience and built a Consulting company to offer her expertise to new Start-Ups and Founders as the CEO of CA Consults, LLC.

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Carol Ann Korpi discusses her career as the Founder and CEO of CA Consults, LLC.

I started my consulting company, CA Consults LLC as a play on my name and the state I live in. I wanted it to be broad enough to allow for multiple types of Consulting work in different industries as my experience ranges from Start-ups in Global Payments, SaaS, and Virtual Reality Training.

While I enjoyed working for others and being part of creating their vision, I reached a point where the time felt right to fulfill my own vision. I created my business when I felt I had enough experience to offer new companies and Founders the benefit of my successes and challenges.

3 Major Challenges that Consultants Help Startups Overcome

The road to startup success is never simple or straight. On the contrary, it’s winding, complicated, and at times daunting. However, those who endure the journey find the professional and personal rewards to be enormously satisfying. 

In the real estate world, the old — and still valid — adage is that the three most important factors in selling or investing in a property are “location, location and location.” Well, on the startup landscape, the three most crucial pillars of success are “sales, sales and sales.”

The checklist for start-ups is long and time is of the essence; especially for entrepreneurs who aspire to exploit first mover advantage and put as much distance as possible between themselves and an inevitable horde of competitors. 

Everyone has a unique quality or skill that helps them find success in various avenues of life. Whether it is organizing, problem solving, or efficiency, you are probably already applying critical business skills to many of your professional endeavors.

Businesses owned by female entrepreneurs represent 42% of all-American businesses, employing roughly 9.4 million workers, and generating annual revenues of over $1.9 trillion dollars. Despite their rising financial and economic agency, women still face enormous challenges in the world of business. 

Since the start of the pandemic, many business owners have been forced to run their businesses from home. In addition to the multiple benefits, this new way of working also imposes some unique challenges for business owners